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The Gritty Nurse Podcast

Dec 8, 2022

Why aren't Nurse Practitioners (NP) more utilized in Canada? Are NPs the answer to solving the primary care crisis? In this episode, Amie & Sara interview Stella Cruz, a nurse practitioner in Ontario. We discuss what an NP is, their scope of practice and how they might contribute to an overstretched healthcare system. 

Stella Cruz has been an RN since 2002 working in neuro critical care, the emergency department, and geriatric psych medicine. She completed her masters at the University of Toronto in 2008 with a focus on nursing and women and horizontal violence. She decided to become a nurse practitioner (NP) in 2014 graduating from U of T with acute care NP specializing in seniors health. Currently, Stella works on a 32 Alternate level of care (ALC) unit at a downtown hospital. Stella has taught undergrad nursing and NP students. She was born, raised, lives and works in Toronto. She is a mom and wife, with two kids ages 8 and 14 plus a big dog. She would love to complete a PHD someday, is passionate about nursing and nurses work and is a very strong advocate for nurses. 

Stella’s life motto:

“If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything."